My Story

I absolutely love this company and the vast collections of scents and warmers. I have always loved scents and designer perfumes since I was a little girl. My love of fragrance was passed along to me from my sweet Gran whom would often go out for hours looking for samples and perfume! I first discovered Scentsy at a trade show and purchased the "Beach" Scent Pak, since I love the beach and ocean so much. I had that theme in my bathroom and thought that would be a great addition. The second time was when I was working with a lady who sold Scentsy. I purchased the warmer "Wake Up & Be Awesome!" which I thought was such a great mindset to have, and then combine that with a beautifully scented bar and voila I was hooked!! It would give me great joy to help you beautify your living space with Scentsy products and make your home, car, and office safely smell fabulous at the same time. Thanks for checking out my site!